Integrative Wellness 100

taught by Naheed Ali, MD, PhD
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Naheed Ali, MD, PhD
Naheed Ali, MD, PhD
Chief Operating Officer

About the instructor

Naheed was published as a sole author of a high impact academic journal article as an undergrad pursuing a Biology degree. He later went on and earned an MD. He completed lifestyle medicine training from Harvard Medical School in 2012, before graduating with a PhD in holistic health in 2013. He has been teaching at colleges in the US for years, where he continues to lecture on various biomedical topics. His books can be found on the shelves in thousands of libraries across the globe.

Health and wellness consultants are well-suited to assist others in making very important lifestyle modifications. In addition, many practitioners, health care professionals, and professors are receiving training in integrative wellness.

Graduates from our certificate program can work in a variety of settings such as medical centers, corporate health companies, private practice, and employee wellness facilities. A gorgeous, professional GGIIM certificate is instantly emailed to the student upon successful completion of the course. 

Our “Integrative Wellness 100” course is designed to give an overview of holistic and natural approaches to improving mind and body while avoiding future medical problems. As always, the key to optimal health is preventative approaches and this course teaches the integrative wellness student the specific techniques needed to overcome critical health concerns.

Course Contents

10 PDFs